What is Naturalchemist?

Welcome! Explore your alchimist talents in this game online. Learn the secrets of the elements you obtain in your adventure and get the precious gold!

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The game

Assemble the components three by three to obtain the component of the higher level.

At the end of the game, you get ten components of the game (randomly). You'll keep them in your alchemist's inventory!

The cauldron

Mix the ingredients obtained in the game to test new formulas with the most great and mysterious effects...

Some recipes even make gold transmutation possible, the Alchemist's dream!

The magical wheel

Bid your gold nuggets and turn the diabolic wheel! you can win additional game tokens, ingredients, more gold nuggets, etc.

Schools of alchemy

Join one of the four alchemy schools of the kingdom, go up a level, discover new recipes and challenge the other schools in a weekly tournament!


You have one free game per day! Find out other ways of obtaining games thanks to your alchemy skills! You can also ask in the forum or buy more games directly with our payment system.

Work hard and be part of the Best players Ranking!

You can sign up here or try the game!

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